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As avid ski bums ourselves we fully support the notion of converting a van, hopping in and enjoying some well deserved freedom. We have spent a lot of time putting together our destination guides which can help you with overnight parking, places to shower, and other helpful info as you traverse the country in your van. However we have compiled additional content on the proper transformation and maintenance of camping vans – this is an ongoing project so make sure to check back for more content as we go along. 

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  • Jackson Hole, WY
  • Big Sky, MT
  • Taos, NM
  • Mt Something

Van Living Tips

If you are dreaming of fresh pow and the freedom of the road then you might need to buy a van and head to the mountains. We want to be a resource for anyone looking to bum it at ski resorts across North America. Van living tips, destination guides and experienced recommendations. Live the Ski Bum/Van Life