Planning a romantic weekend getaway in the southeast? You have probably heard of amazing (and popular) spots like Savannah and Charleston. While they are must visit spots if you haven’t been, at this point those two cities are overrun with bachelorette parties, golf weekends, and college kids. So while fun, you might be looking for something a little more off the beaten path. We are here to find some under the radar places for you to take your significant other on your next romantic getaway. We don’t want to crap on Charleston and Savannah, as they are great – but below are some other options for your romantic getaway.

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Charleston SC

Charleston, SC

The original southern go to destination for weekenders, Charleston still retains all of its original charm. Try a ghost tour at night where the host will walk you amongst the tombstones. One of the many breweries (such as Holy City or Munkle) or seafood spots will surely delight your taste buds as well. Cypress Gardens is also a must see for a leisurely stroll with your partner. For a delightful and relaxed beach, go check out the kite surfing on Sullivan’s Island around sunset. 

Savannah, GA

A city that is similar to Charleston both in terms of aesthetic and vibes, this one is a tad smaller. Be sure to visit Forsyth Park or visit the legendary SCAD Museum of Art. There is an awesome downtown party scene in the evening where you can open carry booze between great restaurants and awesome drinking spots.

Savannah GA
Pensacola FL

Pensacola, FL

Located on the panhandle is a fine Florida destination. There are sailing trips and deep sea fishing boats that depart from Pensacola. You also have the Blue Angels museum to check out. This is a good blend of city and beach, and has a laid back southern vibe. 

Congaree, SC

Often forgotten in the bayou part of eastern South Carolina, this mucky oasis provides travelers a chance to stroll through odd vegetation and on wooden platforms. You can also kayak through it. Since you are nearby make sure to check out Columbia, SC – make sure to stop in at Hendrix for a cocktail and delicious food.

Congaree National Park
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Chatanooga TN

Chatanooga, TN

Hiking and caverns abound in this smaller city divided by the Tennessee River. There is a minor league baseball team as well for the spring and summertime. Be sure to see their version of a ghost walking tour. Overall this is a pleasant mountain city with hiking and brewieries and a vibe similar to Asheville, without the high prices and crowds. 

Asheville, NC

Another common spot for a stag or hen party (used British English there). This lovely little town sits east of the Smoky Mountains and closer to the Georgia border than to Charlotte. Famous for its breweries, hiking, rivers, and the Biltmore estate, this is sure to be a good time. The Pisgah Forest is an amazing hiking area south of the city, and on the way back you can hit the Sierra Nevada Brewery near the airport. Have a romantic sunset cocktail at the Grove Park Inn as well.

ASheville NC
Hot Springs Arkansas

Hot Springs, AR

A former stop for both Chicago boss mafiosos and Major League Baseball players, both groups made their ways north. This little town, with hiking and legit hot springs that come from the Earth, makes for an ideal weekend getaway. Do not expect much in the name of nightlife but there are a few fancy restaurants like The Porterhouse, or McClards BBQ, a low key spot for a local tradition. Fun fact, former President Bill Clinton is from there.



While not massively big on the scale of national parks, this one packs a punch as you can hike, swim, golf, or drive up Skyline Drive. The Blue Ridge Mountains set an incredible scene and you can even find your own waterfall or cave while there.

Horn Island, Mississippi

If you really want to get off the beaten path, this is the spot for you. Untapped white sand beaches where you will be the only one for miles awaits in this near tropical setting. There is even an old fort to explore. You can also head to nearby Gulfport Beach for more interactions with people or to Biloxi for gambling.

horn island
Gulf Shores

Gulf Shores, AL

Think of your typical beach destination with a million ice cream shops and putt putt places. However, this one boasts 32 miles of white sand beaches. Try a sunset helicopter ride or a late afternoon bike rental for a little thrill.

Hilton Head, SC

Another outdoorsy type place, this one also includes world class golf with its popular beaches. A little word of advice: avoid Myrtle Beach, nothing romantic about that place. It’s pretty trashy. Especially great for families as there are plenty of kids activities and places to walk around too. Hilton Head has some great restaurants, like Skull Creek Boathouse or Hudson’s.

horn island
Barnsley Resort

Barnsley Resort, GA

In the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains you will find everything you need for relaxation at this 3,000 acre estate. Golf course included as well as your own cabin.

Blairsville, GA

North of Atlanta sits the Chattahoochee River. For the adventurous couple looking to be active there are river floats, white water rafting, and kayaking all the way up to Tennessee.

Blairsville GA
Augusta GA

Augusta, GA

The riverwalk speaks for itself with boats lined up enjoying the lovely southern weather. There is also Phinizy Swamp Nature Park for a nice walk or you can rent jet skis to take out on the river.

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