Everyone knows of the mythical and magical Czech capital of Prague. It first came on my radar when watching the original installment of my all time favorite movie franchise: Mission Impossible 1. Watching Tom Cruise run across the Charles Bridge with all the fog englufing hte city sparked something in me. For a while I thought it was a man crush on Tommy C…and it was, but then it was an interest in visiting Prague. I first went for New Years Eve 2015, then again two years later and finally made it back in the summertime last year.

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Highlights of Prague

The highlights of Prague are obvious: Charles Bridge, dancing houses, Prague Castle, Narodni Museum, any of the city gates, Astronomical Clock/Old Town square. For all of these amazing sites…you should visit Prague. And you should do so for no less than three nights.

However, Prague is so much more. In the wintertime it has that mystical feel of nighttime mixed with lights from all of the old town attractions and the semi-obscurity of Eastern Europe. You can wander into any tourist trap bar and pay no more than four bucks for a beer. You can just as easily walk outside the center and find really cool Bohemian bars with beers for $2.

On my most recent visit I was at a party hostel (for one night only thank God, not sure my liver could have handled much more). It was called Sophie’s Hostel and it did the job. Nothing spectacular but everyone was there for one reason…the nightlife. I slept in a 10 bed dorm that was hot as shit, the one fan did not do its job. We all went out, and by we I mean mostly Aussies eight years younger than me, to a place called Dog Bar. This was in the center and also had a ton of locals. There were multiple parts to this bar including live music behind a cage, pool tables, dancing, and the beers were $3. After that, the Aussie bros (who were very cool and called everyone “cunts”) wanted to go to Duplex, a club where Steve Aoki was playing the following week. I passed on that because of my early bus to Rutenfest and to see my German friends.


Is Visiting Prague Worth It?

    I highly recommend Prague. It has amazing vibes and a ton of backpackers. It is safe and the worst thing that can happen to you is paying a little extra for a beer or tour. My favorite part of the city is the Astronomical Clock. Allegedly it has over 600 Czech names and every Czech person has to have a name that is on that clock. Minimal creativity in the Czech Republic but that’s what the free (not free) tour guide told us.



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