Big Sky, MT

They should rename it Big Ground because quite frankly the sky is the same size but it covers 5800 acres.  It’s neat mountain that has progressively gotten more popular over the years.  It is also well known as a rock garden so bring your rock skis or prepare to fuck up your good skis with monster core shots. If you just passed out core shot repair coupons at the base of the Challenger lift you’d be able to retire in a week after doing the work.

Overnight Parking – I’ve always parked in the village just down the road from the resort.  I think some people may park in Big Sky’s parking lot and that is probably fine but you can descend 1500’ and sleep in the village behind the Big Sky Community Organization in the parking lot.  There are usually some vehicles that have been parked there for awhile.

Bathing – I really couldn’t figure out a good spot honestly, you can go to Bozeman but that’s a pain.

Happy Hours – There were some good Happy Hours.  Milkies had half off draft beers from 4-6 pm and Broken Spoke had cheap drinks and a mostly local/worker clientele.  I believe Broken Spoke has cheap domestics all the time as well as a pretty good Happy Hour from 4-6.

Coffee – Caliber coffee was good, they had breakfast burritos and reasonably priced coffee.  Also they let me sit in there and get some wifi.

Miscellaneous – They have a grocery store there now but it’s a little pricey but still cheaper than the Hungry Moose and they have beer.  Try to buy as much stuff as you can prior to arriving at Big Sky though.  The mountain doesn’t really have anything affordable and I didn’t check out any ski shops.

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