Nothing in the Czech Republic is very big. The cities, doused in incredible history, are all pretty close together and not large, even by European standards. The nation that was formerly a region of Europe known as Bohemia (when a neighborhood around the world is described as Bohemian, the origins of this term come from the Czech Republic), has recently changed its name to officially Czechia. Providing the gateway to Eastern Europe, although with all the perks of the EU Czechia is an underrated part of Europe and will cost you days on your Schengen Visa.

The crown jewel:



Karlovy Vary



Places I have not visited:

  • Liberec
  • České Budějovice
  • Pilsen
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The Largest Wine Cellar and Countries That Don’t Exist

Some things around Moldova that I did not do but in speaking with the locals apparently would have been fun: the town of Old Ohrai has an offshoot of the Dniester River and is supposed to be beautiful. A small town south of Chisinau called Milestii Mici has the world’s largest wine cellar by volume and would be a cool day trip to get drunk. Moldova is a small country so you could drive to all of these places in a couple of hours within the same day.

I’m saving the best for last because the real best thing to do in Chisinau is take a day trip to the country that doesn’t exist, Transnistria. Getting to Tiraspol was simple and cheap: I walked to the Central bus station, which is right in town. I looked at all the minibuses to see which had a sign for Tiraspol. The signs were in Russian, so I had to use my Russian language skills (yes, I have Russian language skills) to discern the letters.

Karlovy Czech
Karlovy Vary Downtown

Harvey Falcon Square

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