Overnight Parking – Just park in the lot at the resort, it’s cool.  There is a lot just full of folks just north of the main parking lot.  It’s totally free too.

Bathing – There is a rec center that is like in a community center for the town that includes the library.  They have a hot tub but it probably isn’t operating due to Covid as well a very small gym.  It was less than $6 to enter I believe.

Happy Hours – I believe the Grizzly Sports Bar and Grill had a happy hour but I do remember it being cheap at least.  Revelstoke is a moderately priced place for American dollars in general.

Coffee – I mean cmon, they have a Tim Horton’s.  Everything else seems bizarre if you’re in Canada.

Miscellaneous – Just a great place to ski, the town is nice and the mountain is just a ton of fun.  It’s super remote which means it keeps crowds to a minimum as well.  The kicker?  There are like 3 lifts that anyone takes including the Gondola but it’s never particularly crowded.

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