Steamboat Springs


Overnight Parking – Walmart or City Market works great.  I am currently in Steamboat and enjoying the early and late hours of the City Market because I have a huge window to poop there.

Bathing – The Old Town Hot Springs works fine and it’s centrally located.  

Happy Hours – This is where things get interesting.  Steamboat has a boatload of good happy hours. Carl’s Tavern has half off drafts (which are like $5) from 2-6!  It’s a happy quarter day honestly.  The Mahogany Ridge Brewery and Grill used to have a great one but they stopped doing happy hour due to Covid.   The Back Door grill has a good happy hour on paper but somehow my $6 burger became $9 which is annoying.

Coffee – I’ve been using the Starbucks inside the City Market in the mornings and Big Iron Coffee for getting work done on the computer because it’s pricing is decent, coffee is good and it’s open until 6:00 pm.

Miscellaneous – Steamboat also has world-famous hot springs outside the town called Strawberry Park Hot Springs.  Entry is $20 per person and it’s neat place to check out and worth it once.  It is “clothing optional” after dark which doesn’t mean anything because it’s too dark to see and you really can’t make out boobies very well. It is also very natural and you’re prone to toe stubbing/scraping all the time.  I also just really like Steamboat, it’s not that steep or rocky so you can ski all of it most of the time.  The resort workers all seem super friendly as well, I think there are a fair number of retired folks that just want to hang out and ski around.

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