Taos, NM

Overnight Parking – You can actually park overnight at the resort.  It is a good idea if you’re spending multiple days there because the climb to the resort is pretty significant.  If not, you can park in one of the grocery store lots in the town.

Bathing – $2 showers at the Taos Youth and Family Center

Happy Hours – Like everything was closed when I was there so I wouldn’t know where to start.  

Coffee – It’s Taos so there’s like 100 places but I went to Elevation Coffee because it was on the way to the resort but outside of town.  It also had very reasonably-priced coffee that was good.  

Miscellaneous – Taos was basically just shut down when I was there, I had to wait outside a ski shop at one point for like 15 mins because only 2 customers at a time could be in it.  Total buzzkillski.  It’s supposed to be a neat place with lots of art but I wasn’t privy to that

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