I’m a simple guy. A few beers, some sunshine, nice hostel vibes where I can meet some people to enjoy the aforementioned items…and I’m set. Throw in a golf course and I may never leave. You will find all of these things on the lovely Greek island of Rhodes.

This southern Greek island holds a special place to me because I have a tattoo of the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Ever since getting that tattoo in 2019 on an island in Thailand (a story for another time), I’ve wanted to visit the namesake of the naked man on the back of my right calf.


Area in Rhodes with Collosseus and Golf Course

Retiring early on night one was all part of the plan. I woke up the next morning to an early alarm. A quick breakfast of yogurt and fruit at the Stay hostel and I was on my way towards the golf course. I walked to the main bus area in Rhodes, easy to find as it’s centrally located, I went up to the kiosk and told the guy where I wanted to go. He charged me 2.40 euro, gave me a ticket, and told me to tell the driver to get off at the stop “Afandou Golf.” 40 minutes later I was walking towards the sea with a golf course appearing on my right.

The guy working there, because there was only one, was very kind. He gave me his nicest rental clubs (Callaway Warbirds), 7 or 8 balls, and a bunch of tees. I already had my glove from previous European rounds. The first 3-4 holes take you out with the Mediterranean to your left. I looped back losing a ball every few holes on one of my famous slices.

97 strokes later (okay, 103…whatever!!) I was across the street jumping into the clear blue sea in my sweaty golf clothes. Directly across the street from the course is a little food shack and a rocky beach. It’s fairly deserted, which made for a nice relaxation post round. Back up towards the main road I stopped and had a delicious lunch at a restaurant aptly named Golfers Restaurant. Definitely try a Zythos Vap beer, local from Rhodes.


Harvey Danger in Rhodes - Golf Course in Rhodes

A master planner, I knew that Anthony Quinn Bay was a short walk up the road from the golf course. The thing about Rhodes (and most Greek islands) is that there are a million bays, beaches, hidden alcoves, etc. You really cannot go wrong going to any of them. The one I chose was also pretty and before it got too dark, I made the simple walk back to the main road and found the nearest bus station, five minutes and another 2.40 euro…I was headed back into town.

The next day was filled with intentions of exploring the island. Maybe I would rent a car or a motorbike and check out the winding roads and hidden beaches of the western side. Instead I ended up at the main beach near town, where I was able to swim in the Aegean and the Mediterranean Sea’s without getting out of the water.

Later that night I attended a yoga class, provided by the hostel. It was one hour long and cost $7. I met a few people there and we ended up back at the hostel drinking a few beers in a big group. This is really where I’m at my best. Sitting in a hostel bar, sharing stories about where you’ve been, what’s been your favorite spot so far, etc. We transitioned to a local place establishment called Drosoulites. The food was solid, indicative of its Google rating. From there we wandered over to the main bar area in the old town. Dancing the night away at a dive called Fuego, the group had a good time, and I rolled into bed at 4 AM.

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